My chest filled to explode

Apologies to David McComb. For those who do not follow my twitter feed, I will tell you what happened over the past few days.

I was riding to work on Friday morning, when I started having a pain in the chest. Mild pain which I have been getting recently when I push myself on the bike, but because it is accompanied by a bout of nausea, I always put it down as stomach related. Instead it was angina and last Friday morning it did not go away in a couple of minutes after easing the pace.

So I stopped at the nearest train station intending to catch the next train to work. However, the pain did not go away while waiting for the next train and the nausea got worse. So instead I caught the next train home. About 10 minutes into the trip, I realised I was having a heart attack, my chest pains where much stronger, it felt like my lungs where being crushed. I was having trouble breathing and I was losing sensation in my left arm.

I rolled my bike out of the station and got home quickly, dropped the bike off, announced to Angie I was probably having a heart attack and walked across the road to the ambulance depot to get help.

I was then rushed to Fremantle hospital, while being told I should of called the ambulance from the train and they would of come and met me and saved 10 minutes, which could of made a big difference.

The reason I was being rushed to Fremantle hospital instead of Rockingham hospital which was closer, was Fremantle has a specialist coronary care unit, which I got to see at close hand. I was in the Fremantle emergency department for a little over 10 minutes, as the prepared me for surgery. Then I was in surgery, getting a blockage in an artery which supplies blood to the heart cleared and making sure it stayed open by inserting in a steel tube.

Because the operation was only done under local anaesthetic and a big dose of morphine, once I was in post op and I located my phone, I was tweeting about it a little over two hours after I realised I was having an heart attack.

48 hours after the operation, I was out of hospital, with no permanent damage to my heart. My lifestyle is about to change, I need to take drugs to reduce the thickness of my blood, my blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol every day for the rest of my life (even though only my cholesterol was above average). Lose a few kilos and eat less bad cholesterol ( reduce my intake of cheese, eggs, chocolate and fried noodles, because I eat little dairy or milk).

So a big thank you to everybody at the Kwinana ambulance depot, the Fremantle Hospital Emergency Department and Coronary Care Unit, without you I probably would not be alive right now.

6 Responses to “My chest filled to explode”

  1. Nick Hodge Says:

    Good to hear you are relatively OK. You not around would be a big loss not only to your family & friends, but the web industry as a whole.

    And when, pray tell, are you giving up the ciggies?

    Do you need extra help/support?

  2. Nick Says:

    Nick, I have not been smoking most of this year. I have just been relapsing at social events. That will not be happening again.

  3. Simone Says:


    Good you figured out what it was so quickly, glad you’re ok now!
    Good luck lowering the cholesterol!

  4. stephen Says:

    Nick, I have been a long time lurker and reader of your work, silently watching, reading and learning from your work.
    So it scares me to learn you have had a heart-attack, concerns me that your lifestyle needs adjustment, yet alleviates me know to you survived.
    I now look forward to reading about, if you so choose, your lifestyle changes and adjustments to this sudden situation.

  5. Rosemary Says:

    Amazing post. Glad you are here to tell us the story. I’m freaked out that the “oper­a­tion was done under local anaesthetic”… that would give me a heart attack!

    Take care. All the best with the recovery and minor lifestyle changes.

  6. Vicki Says:

    Far OUT Nick – only just read this. How scary. So glad you are ok now.