Quiet time here should be over soon

It has been very quiet around here, for a number of reasons. I did expect my three week enforced rest to be spent learning and experimenting with the likes of CSS3 and HTML5 and then blogging about it. Instead I spent most of the time in the shed playing bicycle mechanic.

Once back at work, my usual blogging time on the train trip to and from work disappeared, as my MacBook Pro died and I started riding to work more often.

I need to start blogging on a more regular basis, I looked at what I do on a regular basis and are passionate about. Food, cycling and web development and decided that I should try and blog more about what you can get for lunch under $10AUD. For those that don’t know me that well, I work in Northbridge, Perth’s Chinatown with probably 100 restaurants within 3 blocks, I enjoy lunch it is my big meal of the day and while I am watching what I eat, I have managed to lose 9kg in 11 weeks. Mainly through consuming 2500 calories on active days that I burn over 3500 calories. The big surprise for those who do know me is that after 15 years, I have started eating meat again.

So hopefully you should start seeing more regularly posts about things I am passionate about, food, cycling and web development.

2 Responses to “Quiet time here should be over soon”

  1. michaelroper Says:

    Hey Nick, would love to read your posts on cheap lunches in Northbridge.. I often walk there from St Georges Tce with workmates for lunch, and we’re always up for trying new places!

  2. Nick Says:

    Hi Michael, first cheap lunch review posted. One place I would recommend for a group is Dim Sum at the Dragon Seafood Restaurant in James St. Does not qualify for the $10 lunch’s that I will be reviewing, but with workmates we generally get out of their sans drinks for under $20 a head and we do like to eat. Highly recommend the fried squid.