Andaluz Bar & Tapas

The decor had been described to me as chic bordello, and that pretty much covered it. Large leather lounges, cushions galore, candles and art deco lighting fittings with lamps turned down low. The nature of the building, with a number of small rooms converted into the bar, led to a number of interesting spaces and a very intimate atmosphere.

The single malt shelf was good, even if it was too similar to my own, with a number of popular Islay whiskys and a good GlenMorganie as well as others. If their taste in Whisky was that good, I would let them recommend me a rum from what looked like a good range of dark rums.

Their pick was Pyrat XO Reserve, which I found a little sweet to my taste and the body just was not full enough for me. I was a little disappointed.

So my choice from their rum list was Pampero Anniversario, which caused the bartender a little difficultly until he found it tucked away in a little velvet bag, because it was special. Well it was special, a smooth full bodied rum that hit all the right notes with me, with luscious toffee after taste. Definitely a new favourite.

In addition to a good range of single malt and rum at reasonable prices. The Spanish biased wine, beer, cocktails and other spirits list was extensive. The service was impeccable, the tapas good, so good I had to battle with my friends to get any.

When I arrived prior to 5, the place was fairly quiet, the crowd built up fairly quickly and by 7 on a Wednesday night the place was very busy. Looks like more than few people have found a great small bar in the centre of the city.

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