Breakfast at Milk and Honey

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Any­body who knows me, knows I am not a morn­ing per­son. So break­fast reviews will be a rare occur­rence, I usu­ally sur­vive on a double espresso and piece of raisin toast before I leave home.

The reason for such an early start was the Perth Access­ib­il­ity Meetup, being held at Milk and Honey for the first time.

I arrived late (blame the rain), quickly ordered the $9.90 spe­cial Egg and Bacon focac­cia with cof­fee (today a flat white) and joined the oth­ers. I quickly became jeal­ous, most had far more impress­ive break­fasts than I ordered, that looked and smelt great.

My cof­fee and focac­cia arrived fairly quickly. The cof­fee was good, but not great (I am spoilt by the com­pet­i­tion nearby) and the toasted focac­cia with a couple of rash­ers of trimmed bacon and fried egg, did it’s job in quelling my hun­ger, but it did not excite my taste buds. By my stand­ards the egg was well over­cooked, I like my yolk runny, I must remem­ber to explain that when I order. Both bacon and focac­cia were decent qual­ity, how­ever I have much bet­ter, unfor­tu­nately not in Perth.

I will be back to Milk and Honey for the next Access­ib­il­ity Meetup, it works well as a meetup venue, most import­antly the com­pany is good and the dis­cus­sion great. I will drink cof­fee and order some­thing other than a focac­cia from the menu.

If I was eat­ing break­fast alone in North­bridge, I would prob­ably look at another cafe, mainly because the cof­fee at Milk and Honey does not excite me. Though I will leave my judge­ment on the food until my next visit.

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