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Roast Duck Rice

Golden King Barbecue, William St, Northbridge

Thursday. 6th October

I have a much shorter time available for lunch than yesterday’s luxurious lunch. So I went for straight to Golden King Barbecue, which is just around the corner from work.

I walked in and before I even got to my table, my complimentary bowl of chicken soup arrived. I ordered roast duck rice and before I even checked into to FourSquare, my lunch had arrived. Just under 1/4 a duck, ample serving of steamed rice and some greens.

The greens and rice appear overcooked, though chilli sauce makes it palatable and some very tasty roast duck.

Golden King Barbecue was a favourite eating establishment of my colleagues, when it opened 18 months ago, the quality of the meat used was stunning given the prices being charged. Unfortunately, economic reality set in and the quality of meat used declined dramatically as did our regularly patronage.

In the past 6 months, prices have risen slightly and the quality of meats used has improved. Though not to the original quality, but in my opinion as good as any other Chinese Barbecue restaurants in Northbridge.

Still if I need a good cheap lunch in a hurry, I know where to go. Today I was back in the office in 20 minutes, after spending less than $11 on a good meal, even less if you choose chicken of barbecue pork.

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