Ezra Pound

The fit­tings and fur­nish­ings describe Ezra Pound as a grunge bar. As does the serving mixed drinks and cock­tails in jam jars and long­neck (750ml) beer in brown paper bags. But at least they have upgraded from VB to Cas­cade long­necks, since my last visit.

After enjoy­ing a couple of glasses of wine at a going away lunch for a col­league, I decided to stick to beer, which did limit my choice of drinks. Though not as much as my wine drink­ing friends, at least I had a choice and drank Little Creatures Rogers.

How­ever, I was pleas­antly sur­prised to see at least 10 decent single malts on dis­play, and they serve that in proper glasses, maybe next time.

I am prob­ably not the inten­ded cli­en­tele of Ezra Pound, the young hip­sters sit­ting on wooden benches in the alley drink­ing from brown paper bags, prob­ably are. Still it had a far bet­ter atmo­sphere than the big pub on the corner, I some­times fre­quent after work on a Fri­day. Def­in­itely a bet­ter option for Fri­day after­noon get together with col­leagues, espe­cially with the single malt options.

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