Ezra Pound

The fittings and furnishings describe Ezra Pound as a grunge bar. As does the serving mixed drinks and cocktails in jam jars and longneck (750ml) beer in brown paper bags. But at least they have upgraded from VB to Cascade longnecks, since my last visit.

After enjoying a couple of glasses of wine at a going away lunch for a colleague, I decided to stick to beer, which did limit my choice of drinks. Though not as much as my wine drinking friends, at least I had a choice and drank Little Creatures Rogers.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 10 decent single malts on display, and they serve that in proper glasses, maybe next time.

I am probably not the intended clientele of Ezra Pound, the young hipsters sitting on wooden benches in the alley drinking from brown paper bags, probably are. Still it had a far better atmosphere than the big pub on the corner, I sometimes frequent after work on a Friday. Definitely a better option for Friday afternoon get together with colleagues, especially with the single malt options.

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