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Vegetable Biryani


Veget­able Biryani

Still recov­er­ing from a cold, I thought about try­ing to treat my taste buds to some subtle fla­vours for a few seconds, before decid­ing my taste buds need to taste real fla­vours and I made the trek up Wil­liam Street to Mela.

Biggest sur­prise, was the change of the front of house staff, I sus­pect Mela may of changed hands, not much else has changed other the big screen TV is now turned off instead of tuned to 24 hour sports chan­nel, How­ever, most import­antly, they have not changed chefs as the old chef spe­ci­al­it­ies remained on the black­board menu.

Ser­vice was never Mela’s strong point and noth­ing has changed, it took five minutes before they took my order and over ten minutes later, before my lunch arrived, though I did have a couple of other diners’ meals arrive on my table briefly.

Mela’s Veget­able Biry­ani is one of the best value meals on Wil­liam Street, for $8.50 you get a veget­able soup, raita and a serving of veget­able biry­ani, which is spiced rice and veget­ables cooked sep­ar­ately, then com­bined in layers.

The fla­vours are just incred­ible, head cold or not, my taste buds were boun­cing around my mouth. Like drink­ing an Ard­beg single malt, the fla­vours are not subtle, they just hit you and you keep com­ing back for more. As you dis­cover the dif­fer­ent veget­ables in the biry­ani, each with its’ own dis­tinct fla­vour and tex­tures, you start search­ing for more veget­ables and more flavours.

It might of taken close to an hour for lunch, includ­ing travel time. How­ever, I did eat very slowly, rel­ish­ing the fla­vours, so I can’t complain.

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