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Vegetable Biryani


Vegetable Biryani

Still recovering from a cold, I thought about trying to treat my taste buds to some subtle flavours for a few seconds, before deciding my taste buds need to taste real flavours and I made the trek up William Street to Mela.

Biggest surprise, was the change of the front of house staff, I suspect Mela may of changed hands, not much else has changed other the big screen TV is now turned off instead of tuned to 24 hour sports channel, However, most importantly, they have not changed chefs as the old chef specialities remained on the blackboard menu.

Service was never Mela’s strong point and nothing has changed, it took five minutes before they took my order and over ten minutes later, before my lunch arrived, though I did have a couple of other diners’ meals arrive on my table briefly.

Mela’s Vegetable Biryani is one of the best value meals on William Street, for $8.50 you get a vegetable soup, raita and a serving of vegetable biryani, which is spiced rice and vegetables cooked separately, then combined in layers.

The flavours are just incredible, head cold or not, my taste buds were bouncing around my mouth. Like drinking an Ardbeg single malt, the flavours are not subtle, they just hit you and you keep coming back for more. As you discover the different vegetables in the biryani, each with its’ own distinct flavour and textures, you start searching for more vegetables and more flavours.

It might of taken close to an hour for lunch, including travel time. However, I did eat very slowly, relishing the flavours, so I can’t complain.

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