Hosting your own bookmarking service

Not happy with the changes to Delicious, unsure about what bookmark service to switch to, well how about hosting your own, with Semantic Scuttle?

That was what happened with the State Library’s Family History Bookmarks, within 24 hours of the changes to Delicious and without prior preparation, I had a customised version of Semantic Scuttle up and running.

The first service the State Library used for it’s bookmarks was Magnolia. When disaster struck, we recovered as many bookmarks as possible and shifted to Delicious. Fully expecting a service run by Yahoo, to be reliable and stable. But just incase we automated backups the bookmarks.

When Yahoo announced they where selling Delicious, we did some investigations of the alternatives including Diigo and Scuttle. But as the likely purchasers indicated they would not significantly change Delicious. We decided to stick with Delicious, knowing that with our regular backups and import opportunities offer by other services, we could have an alternative up and running quickly. Which we did.

Why Semantic Scuttle, two reasons:

  1. Hosted in house we have full control, and after Magnolia and Delicious, the key users wanted that security.
  2. Tag clouds, they might be passe for most, but to navigate a large number of family history resources, they just work and Semantic Scuttle has some nice options buried under the hood.

So why am I writing this too weeks after the changes to Delicious and creating the solution. Well like a typical web geek, work was nice and easy. My own bookmarks, where in a little worse state, I had not backed them up for months, so it took a little to get myself to get motivated and organised to create my own personal bookmarking service,

Still a few things to do, upgrading the sidebar on this blog (though as usual I am threatening to rebuild the whole blog). Look at modifying the Delicious plugin for Firefox to see if it will work with Semantic Scuttle, amongst others, but in the meantime I will use the bookmarklet.

2 Responses to “Hosting your own bookmarking service”

  1. Ryan Says:

    This is too funny.
    I have been looking for ages for a good php bookmarking system, and lo & behold google brings up you!

    I may have to get you out for a beer in perth and pick your brain Nick, will download Scuttle and start playing, looks ok from first glance.


  2. Nick Says:


    Download Semantic Scuttle which is a fork of the original Scuttle (which does not appear to be under current development).