It is Tuesday it must be Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Tak Chee House, William Street, Tuesday 3 October

Is my regular Tuesday lunchtime status update from me when I check in to the Tak Chee House on FourSquare.

So why do I choose Hainanese Chicken Rice from the Tak Chee House, every Tuesday. It is a little more complicated than the Tak Chee House is closed Mondays, or I usually ride to work on Tuesdays and go rock climbing in the evening so I need to replenish my stores of protein and carbohydrates. It has more to with flavour and addictive nature of a simple dish.

Hainanese Chicken Rice, consists of steamed chicken in this case served on a bed of bean shoots, a serving of rice cooked in chicken stock, chicken soup and chilli sauce.

Tak Chee House prepares their Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singaporean style, by dunking the steamed chicken in cold water, which is said to maximise the flavour of the chicken. They must be doing something right as I have eaten Hainanese Chicken Rice at a number of different restaurants, none can match Tak Chee House for flavour. I have friends who walk from the other side of the Perth CBD every week to get their fix of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

As well as the chicken rice I have eaten most of the other items on the menu over the past couple of years and have never been disappointed. Particular favourites are the Penang Char Kway Teow, Singapore Noodles and on weekends Assam Laksa.

Tak Chee House can get crowded, it you want a table without waiting I would recommend getting their prior to 12:30pm on a weekday. On weekends it is a lucky dip, but it is well worth. It is restaurant of choice for meeting out of town friends, because the food is consistently that good. It is also cheap and fast, $9.50 for Hainanese Chicken Rice with Green Tea and ordered, served and eaten in under 30 minutes.

Lunch on the go in Northbridge it is difficult to beat Tak Chee House.

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