#lunchtober at Phong Vinh

One of the takeaways for others from a discussion on work life balance at the recent LibraryCamp was the importance of a lunch break. Anybody who knows me or follows my twitter/foursquare/facebook stream should know that I am a strong believer in a good lunch break and take the opportunity of my work’s great location to eat regularly at a number of good restaurants.

Never the one to miss a chance to eat well and support my friends and colleagues, I will try and promote #Lunchtober over the next month, by eating well and telling you all about it.

For the first day of #Lunchtober, I had intend to start with a bang I had been eying off our famous goat chops at Bivouac Canteen & Bar for a while, even toying with the idea of a glass of red to accompany the meal. So primed with idealism, I walked down to Bivouac only to be disappointed to find the are only open Tuesday to Saturday.

So off to my trusty Monday restaurant of choice, Phong Vinh. Phong Vinh bills its self as a Noodle House, but for me is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Northbridge (and I have eaten in most of them).

Phong Vinh along with two other restaurants has changed my eating and cooking habits in the past couple of years, particularly my heavy use of mint. Though I do not cook enough soups, even in winter, relying on Phong Vinh and a couple of other restaurants to save me the trouble.

My favourite dishes from Phong Vinh include Raw Beef and Beef Ball Pho, Braised Duck Noodle Soup, Spicy Beef and Pork Soup with Rice Vermicelli and today’s choice Braised Goat Noodle Soup. A strongly favoured soup, though not over powering, with a healthy serving of braised goat, that melted of the bone into your mouth.

Overall a thoroughly tasty and enjoyable meal, served with green tea for the princely sum of $13 and quickly too, I was in and out in under 30 minutes. No wonder I visit Phong Vinh most weeks, usually on a Monday.

Phong Vinh 3/ 323 William Street Perth, open Friday to Wednesday for lunch and dinner.

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