#lunchtober at Phong Vinh

One of the takeaways for oth­ers from a dis­cus­sion on work life bal­ance at the recent Lib­rar­yCamp was the import­ance of a lunch break. Any­body who knows me or fol­lows my twitter/foursquare/facebook stream should know that I am a strong believer in a good lunch break and take the oppor­tun­ity of my work’s great loc­a­tion to eat reg­u­larly at a num­ber of good restaurants.

Never the one to miss a chance to eat well and sup­port my friends and col­leagues, I will try and pro­mote #Lunchto­ber over the next month, by eat­ing well and telling you all about it.

For the first day of #Lunchto­ber, I had intend to start with a bang I had been eying off our fam­ous goat chops at Biv­ouac Canteen & Bar for a while, even toy­ing with the idea of a glass of red to accom­pany the meal. So primed with ideal­ism, I walked down to Biv­ouac only to be dis­ap­poin­ted to find the are only open Tues­day to Saturday.

So off to my trusty Monday res­taur­ant of choice, Phong Vinh. Phong Vinh bills its self as a Noodle House, but for me is the best Viet­namese res­taur­ant in North­bridge (and I have eaten in most of them).

Phong Vinh along with two other res­taur­ants has changed my eat­ing and cook­ing habits in the past couple of years, par­tic­u­larly my heavy use of mint. Though I do not cook enough soups, even in winter, rely­ing on Phong Vinh and a couple of other res­taur­ants to save me the trouble.

My favour­ite dishes from Phong Vinh include Raw Beef and Beef Ball Pho, Braised Duck Noodle Soup, Spicy Beef and Pork Soup with Rice Ver­mi­celli and today’s choice Braised Goat Noodle Soup. A strongly favoured soup, though not over power­ing, with a healthy serving of braised goat, that melted of the bone into your mouth.

Over­all a thor­oughly tasty and enjoy­able meal, served with green tea for the princely sum of $13 and quickly too, I was in and out in under 30 minutes. No won­der I visit Phong Vinh most weeks, usu­ally on a Monday.

Phong Vinh 3/ 323 Wil­liam Street Perth, open Fri­day to Wed­nes­day for lunch and dinner.

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