Phong Vinh

Raw Beef & Beef Ball Pho

A windy and wet October day, was a good excuse to enjoy my favourite winter meal, Raw Beef and Beef Ball Pho. (It is also a favourite summer meal, but any excuse ;-)

There are two schools of thought in Perth, the first is the best Pho in town comes from Tranh Vinh and the second, the best Pho comes from Phong Vinh. I am firmly in the second camp, though I do regularly test my allegiance.

While it sound exotic, it consists of a beef based soup stock (pho), flat rice noodles (aka hofan), thin strips of beef that is cooked by pouring the hot soup over it (raw beef) and spicy beef sausage meat balls (beef balls). Serve with mint and bean sprouts which you add to the soup, as well as cut chilli and a slice of lemon.

Pho is a classic Vietnamese dish, the flavours and textures just work well together and you know when you taste a good pho. Which as usual Phong Vinh served up in spades.

If you never tasted Pho, I highly recommend that you do so, it is one of the South East Asian dishes you need to taste. Phong Vinh is my recommendation for the place to eat Pho in Perth.

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