Ray’s Kitchen

Ray’s Kitchen has taken over from Maks Place at 313 William Street. Still has the same signage, same tired decor, and an almost identical menu of Malaysian/Singaporean hawker dishes. While I ate sparingly at Maks Place, I really enjoyed their Roti and Murtabak, but generally found the noodle and rice dishes disappointing. So what did I order first time at Ray’s Kitchen, Mee Siam which is rice vermicelli in a light and spicy, sweet and sour sauce. Served with bean sprouts, salted soy beans, dried bean curd and a boiled egg.

I just found the Mee Siam bland, the textures where all there, it was visually appealing, the hard boiled egg was cooked perfectly, but the flavours did not excite my taste buds like they should of.

The table next to mine, ordered a couple of Rotis and they looked good, so I know what I will order when I am here again. I will eat at Ray’s Kitchen again, my first experience was not great, but is was not bad and it fulfilled my other lunch requirements, less than 30 minutes, cost $10.50 including a can of A&W Root Beet and I do like Roti.

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