Saigon Cafe and Noodle House

James Street, North­bridge
14 Octo­ber

Sai­gon Cafe is not my favour­ite Viet­namese eat­ing estab­lish­ment in North­bridge. I prefer Phong Vinh and Tra Vinh. How­ever, I do eat here reg­u­larly, as I have a couple of col­leagues who like eat­ing here, wine is only $8.50 a carafe and the food is good.

Today’s choice grilled pork and spring rolls with rice ver­mi­celli. A favour­ite sum­mer dish of mine. For the sum of $10.50 you get a couple of small spring rolls, a serving of grilled pork and crushed fried pea­nuts in a soup bowl on a bed of rice ver­mi­celli and Viet­namese salad of bean sprouts, mint and shred­ded car­rot with a spicy and sour dress­ing provided.

It is just one of those dishes, were the whole is more that sum of the ingredi­ents. The tart dress­ing, the crunchi­ness of the pea­nuts, the tang of the mint, all just made the meal, I throughly enjoyed it.

Sai­gon Cafe, does have advant­ages over other most other Viet­namese eat­ing estab­lish­ment in North­bridge, it is licensed so you can get a beer or wine with your meal. The menu cov­ers more than Viet­namese, with a range of Malay­sian, Thai and Cantonese dishes on the menu.

On the other hand ser­vice can be a little erratic and some dishes, par­tic­u­larly the Pho just do not match up with Phong Vinh and Tra Vinh.

Eat­ing with friends who want a meal choice bey­ond the nor­mal Viet­namese fare, want a wine or beer with your meal, you can do far worse than Sai­gon Cafe. I agree with one FourSquare com­ment­ator with “I have never had a bad meal here”. All my meals have been good, unfor­tu­nately not great.

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