Where to eat lunch on a Monday?

Hong Kong BBQ

BBQ Pork and Rice

There are only limited options for lunch on Monday, so seeing I was halfway down Francis street, I might as well walk a little further to Hong Kong BBQ.

This is the preferred BBQ establishment of my colleagues, over Golden King BBQ which is around the corner of William Street. Given the proximity of the two, the similarity of the menu and the fact I am undecided about which one I prefer. Comparisons are inevitable.

The first is the feel of Hong Kong BBQ, you walk up a short set of stairs and are seated on a heavy chair at a solid table in room with dark wood panelling. Far different from the open feeling I get at Golden King BBQ.

The atmosphere is also so different, even with similar size dining rooms and roughly the same number of people, I don’t know if it dark colours, a different clientele, the noise level but Hong Kong BBQ is far more buzzy and has a slight air of excitement, like some of the restaurants I had eaten in Hong Kong many years ago.

I went for BBQ Pork and Rice, my regular dish at Golden King BBQ. Service is fast, at least I got to log into FourSquare before my lunch arrived, but only just. The serving was slightly larger than Golden King BBQ and the meat was a similar good quality. The BBQ Pork at Hong Kong BBQ is basted using a very sweet mixture. I knew the BBQ Pork had a sweet taste from my previous visits, but I had forgotten just how sweet. For me it was too overpowering, totally distracting from all the other flavour. Even with overuse of Hong Kong BBQ excellent chilli oil, I was left with a sugary sweet taste in my mouth after the meal.

That was a big disappointment, I know my colleagues prefer the BBQ Pork here, but for me the sweetness just overpowers everything else. I will be eating my BBQ Pork in future from Golden King BBQ. Otherwise Hong Kong BBQ is as good if not better than Golden King BBQ, the whole atmosphere is a big plus. A little more expensive, most meals are $1 more than Golden King BBQ, but you do get Hong Kong BBQ Chilli Oil included in the price, drinks are also more expensive. My total cost was $11 for BBQ Pork and rice and green tea and total time less than 30 minutes.

I will be back again, just not for the BBQ Pork, the Roast Duck or Soya Chicken look inviting.

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