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Race Report – PDCC Wandi points race

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

A points race is were you score points each time you cross the line 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th, the person with the most points wins. This was my first points race, I did not know what to expect other than a lot of sprinting and after my problems last week, I was a little worried about staying with bunch. This was exacerbated when my stomach duplicated the effects of the gastro incident of the week before. This week I made sure I was well hydrated.

Race Report – PDCC Port Kennedy Cycles Handicap – Serpentine

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

My first handicap on a flat course, I previously raced North Dandalup handicap, but as it started with a 5km climb, it was literally every rider for themselves. Today was supposed to be different, you start in a small group, you work with that group to catch the riders in front and stay ahead of the riders behind.