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I was won­der­ing down Wil­liam Street, one lunch­time won­der­ing what to eat, when I spot­ted Hoka’s lunch time spe­cial list which included Singa­por­ean Style Fish & Rice. Intrigued, as I never heard of Singa­por­ean Style Fish before, I walked in as a hungry cyc­list and ordered a large Singa­por­ean Style Fish & Rice for $10.

I was a little dis­ap­poin­ted, Singa­por­ean Style Fish was lightly fried fish and onions in a sweet and sour sauce with a hint of chilli. It con­tained none of the fla­vours I expec­ted from Singa­por­ean food.

Other than the lack of expec­ted fla­vours, the meal was good, the fish was not over­cooked, it was well presen­ted. While I thought the por­tion size was reas­on­able for a large, I found out later it was actu­ally a small, so a big plus for por­tion size and minus for service.

BTW, I was not the only one who had never heard of Singa­por­ean Style Fish, when I pos­ted my meal on Foursquare. A friend of mind who grew up in Singa­pore, com­men­ted on Twit­ter they never heard of Singa­por­ean Style Fish and since they left Singa­pore they had found a num­ber of so called Singa­por­ean dishes they never heard of while in Singapore.

I will prob­ably return to Hoka Res­taur­ant, it was decent food at a good price, $8 for a small serving. I will just need to find some­thing on the menu that I can enjoy eating.

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