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We need a better plan B

We usu­ally have a team lunch on Fri­day. Dim Sum is one of our favour­ites and Dragon Sea­food Res­taur­ant is the pre­ferred place. We turned up at Dragon Sea­food Res­taur­ant at 12:30 and the queue was out the door. So we needed an altern­at­ive, one team mem­ber who lives nearby sug­ges­ted Old Shang­hai Food Court, we only found out later because it was nearby and not because of eat­ing there before. This was quickly seconded by ex team mem­ber who use to eat from the Japan­ese food stall when he worked for us some time ago.

I had eaten at the food court a few times over the last few years, but none of the stalls ever stood out. The Malay­sian stall could not come close to Tak Chee, The BBQ place is no match for Hong Kong BBQ or Golden King BBQ, the noodle stall does not com­pare to Phong Vinh or Sai­gon Cafe and when I do eat Japan­ese I prefer Taka’s. That only left the new Indian food stall.

I should of fol­lowed my instinct and what looked like a crowd of reg­u­lars order­ing from the Malay­sian stall, but instead I went for the Indian along with a couple of col­leagues which was offer­ing egg­plant mas­ala, and I am a sucker for egg­plant, along with a madras chicken curry, dhal and rice for $11.

It was a big serving of over cooked rice, a curry that was more sweet curry sauce than chicken, the dhal was pretty ordin­ary and the egg­plant mas­ala was the pick of the meal and that was noth­ing special.

I was not the only one dis­ap­poin­ted, the col­league who first sug­ges­ted the food court, selec­ted Indian and left most of it on the plate mut­ter­ing about it being ined­ible. Also the ex col­league return­ing for one of his favour­ite Japan­ese meals was bit­terly dis­ap­poin­ted as the stall had changed hands and served him what he con­sidered an ined­ible meal.

The big advant­age of Old Shang­hai Food Court is that it has a bar, the two of us who ate the whole meal did so by wash­ing it down with a beer.

Les­son learnt, next week we will be at Dragon Sea­food Res­taur­ant by 12 and if the queue is out the door, we will have a plan b with a trus­ted eat­ing estab­lish­ment as an alternative.

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