Old Shanghai Food Court

We need a better plan B

We usually have a team lunch on Friday. Dim Sum is one of our favourites and Dragon Seafood Restaurant is the preferred place. We turned up at Dragon Seafood Restaurant at 12:30 and the queue was out the door. So we needed an alternative, one team member who lives nearby suggested Old Shanghai Food Court, we only found out later because it was nearby and not because of eating there before. This was quickly seconded by ex team member who use to eat from the Japanese food stall when he worked for us some time ago.

I had eaten at the food court a few times over the last few years, but none of the stalls ever stood out. The Malaysian stall could not come close to Tak Chee, The BBQ place is no match for Hong Kong BBQ or Golden King BBQ, the noodle stall does not compare to Phong Vinh or Saigon Cafe and when I do eat Japanese I prefer Taka’s. That only left the new Indian food stall.

I should of followed my instinct and what looked like a crowd of regulars ordering from the Malaysian stall, but instead I went for the Indian along with a couple of colleagues which was offering eggplant masala, and I am a sucker for eggplant, along with a madras chicken curry, dhal and rice for $11.

It was a big serving of over cooked rice, a curry that was more sweet curry sauce than chicken, the dhal was pretty ordinary and the eggplant masala was the pick of the meal and that was nothing special.

I was not the only one disappointed, the colleague who first suggested the food court, selected Indian and left most of it on the plate muttering about it being inedible. Also the ex colleague returning for one of his favourite Japanese meals was bitterly disappointed as the stall had changed hands and served him what he considered an inedible meal.

The big advantage of Old Shanghai Food Court is that it has a bar, the two of us who ate the whole meal did so by washing it down with a beer.

Lesson learnt, next week we will be at Dragon Seafood Restaurant by 12 and if the queue is out the door, we will have a plan b with a trusted eating establishment as an alternative.

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