PDCC D grade criterium report Lakelands 25 November 2012

You can either read the report or watch the last three minutes from the rear of my bike on Youtube

Lakelands is not your typical Australian criterium course, a 3.8km loop through rural Lakelands. It starts out typically 400m straight, 90 degree left turn, 400m straight, 90 degree left turn, then 700m that gently curves revealing 15m of climbing in the next 300m, before dashing down 600m down the other side on a pretty rough road surface, a nasty double kink and 600m to the finish, the last 300m into a headwind today. More like a shorter road circuit and I like it.

Not feeling on the best form, it was going to be a very defensive ride from me, no heroics and see what develops on the last lap and a half. It started well with Simmo sitting on the front and taking the bunch round the 1st lap at a slow but steady pace. He swung off and I jumped on, increasing the pace to what I was comfortable with and surprisingly it stayed that way. Apparently I surge into hills, probably bad habits picked up from riding a singlespeed of riding hard into the bottom, then keeping a steady effort to the top. Which resulted in most the pack passing me on the hill, so I returned to my usual spot as ticket collector (last rider).

The next couple of laps, much the same, if not slightly faster, I sat back and recorded lots of empty road on my camera. Approaching the hill for the 2nd last time, I move to the front expecting an attack, sure enough there was the “woosh, woosh” of CF wheels, I stood to follow then realised it was Phil (a sprinter) and promptly sat back down and got spat out the back of the pack.

Bell lap and it suddenly became tactical and slowed down. On the final climb, I rode to the front, expecting an attack, nobody did, they actually rode the climb slower than the 1st lap. I had eased off the front, nobody was on my wheel, so I went for it, got over the top and started hammering the descent. Did not realise it at the time, but the pack where following the wheel of the 2nd person over the climb, a young women much lighter than me. It was not until they where most the way down, the chase got organised and I had a decent lead. Through the double kink, I had a backward glance and knew I had a chance. The next 300m, I just could not get enough speed out of my legs and it was over, got caught with 200m or so to go, managed to hang in for 5th.

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