PDCC D Grade Criterium Report Sunday 2 December 2012 Kwinana Motorplex

Today’s les­son don’t sit on the back for the first few laps of a criterium

Any­body who has read any of my race report knows that I like to sit at the back of the pack, mainly because I don’t have great con­fid­ence in my pack rid­ing and cor­ner­ing abil­it­ies. Another reason is that because of the med­ic­a­tion I am on, at the start of races I have to man­age my energy care­fully, as I have only lim­ited reserves. For­tu­nately as a race go on, as long as I do not work too hard early, I get stronger and appear to have more energy to burn. So most races, I sit on the back for the first half, and hope other riders chase down the break­aways. Before I can attempt to break or chase breakaways.

Well today’s race was not a day for those tac­tics, it was on from the start, with a couple of big surges, by the second lap a break of five was estab­lished. On the 3rd lap, I made an attempt to bridge, I was hop­ing for com­pany, but it was a solo attempt. Unfor­tu­nately the five in front where still work­ing on estab­lish­ing their gap and I did not make it more than halfway. A lap later I found myself at the back of the second group, with my energy reserves gone and my race done. I just man­aged to hang in there until the fin­ish 30 minutes later on the back of the 2nd group.

I watched as two riders attemp­ted to solo bridge the gap between the two groups. I was impressed by the tenacity of the only rider who made the bridge, rid­ing on her own for a num­ber of laps.

So I need to change my tac­tics for crits, I need to be closer to the front, early in the race, to be able to jump on the moves. The only prob­lem is to work out which moves are worth expend­ing my lim­ited early race energy on. Hope­fully that will come with experience.

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