Race Report PDCC Doghill D grade 21 July 2012

When a plan does not come together

Recovering from a cold, I had not intention of racing, but I still rode down to the DogHill race course on my race bike, either intending to help out marshalling or ride with the juniors. On the way down, I managed to put the front derailleur out of alignment.

Some how after 15km and a quick repair later, I was lining up to race. I had a simple plan, hang on for the first three laps, put in a short attack on the 4th lap to show I was serious, then on the final lap, about 1.5km from home, put in a dig on the short incline, lighting the fuse for others to counter, drop back to mid pack, wait till 400m from home and launch the limited sprint I have.

Well other than an excessively noisy drive train due to a rubbing front derailleur and an out of tune rear derailleur, everything worked. I survived the first three laps, down the back straight on the 4th lap I put in a little attack (my speedo said 47kmh) heading into the corner. Mainly because, riding at the back, I had to work hard after corners, due to lack of cornering speed from myself and other riders. So this time, I went in hard, got out with a gap and was getting my breath when I was joined by two other riders, it was a little disorganised, by the time I was able to work with them we had been closed down. So I spent most of the next lap close to the front, getting my strength back and waiting.

One the final lap about 4km from home Mark put in a good attack, I attempted to follow, got into the 2nd group of 3, then it was a group of 6, then the bunch was together with about 2km to go. I had not fully recovered, still I attacked where I planned, but just did not have the legs, still nobody countered, I was trying to get off the front with legs that would not work and the pack sitting in my wheel. After a few hundred metres they put me out of my misery and I was mid pack until the 400m mark, when the sprint started in earnest and I was spat out the back to finish 3rd last.

Still learnt a lot about how my body reacts to racing and effort, as well as D grade racing tactics. I will need a few different plans for racing at Wandi this Saturday.

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