Race Report – PDCC Wandi points race

A points race is were you score points each time you cross the line 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th, the person with the most points wins. This was my first points race, I did not know what to expect other than a lot of sprinting and after my problems last week, I was a little worried about staying with bunch. This was exacerbated when my stomach duplicated the effects of the gastro incident of the week before. This week I made sure I was well hydrated.

First lap was at a decent pace, not as fast as the last grade race here. I settled in as ticket collector (last in line) and waited for the sprint, when it came, it was fast, I crossed the line in about 8th place out of 14, and the riders in front had a 20m gap. The next couple of kms I worked hard, particularly up one of the climbs and dragged myself and a couple of others back on.

The next sprint I was better prepared, crossed the line in about 8th place again, but much closer to the riders in front, and according to Strava covered the last 500m at 43.5kmh. I was expecting a few of the riders to keep going hard, but the pace was taking its’ toll and they slowed pretty quickly. The 3rd lap was much like the first two, a steady pace, nobody really trying to escape and I was sitting on the back.

The 3rd sprint was a slightly slower version of the 2nd, it was still way to quick for me, maybe 6th or 7th, stills we were dropping a few riders and everybody seem tired. Knowing I could not match most of the bunch in a sprint, I took off up the climb on Bodemore road, my aim to force the pace, get the bunch to split into 2, get in the first small group and get a couple of points. Except that climb is 5km from the finish and everybody knows I do suicidal attacks, so they left me out there, I slowed, got caught by the bunch and ended up hanging 10 to 15m of the back of the bunch for the final few kms. Still was picking off tired riders towards the finish line, but no points for 7th or 8th.

For my next points race I will be better prepared, but first a need to develop a sprint.

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