Ray’s Kitchen revisited

Last time I visited Ray’s Kitchen, I was disappointed. I returned as a hungry cyclist looking to consume a roti or two.

I previously enjoyed roti from Mak’s Place, before it changed hands and became Ray’s Kitchen and on my last visit here the roti served on the next table looked and smelt great.

After being spoilt by the roti from Mamak in Sydney, which is truly excellent, and from Mak’s Place which were consistently good. I was hugely disappointed, the roti was heavy, stodgy and in my opinion undercooked. The highlight was the curry sauce that accompanied the roti. A really rich beef curry sauce that forced me to use the roti to soak up every bit of the flavoursome sauce.

Still hungry after a faster than usual 40km commute in the morning, I thought about a second roti, purely because of the curry sauce. Instead I went for Mee Goreng and was even more disappointed.

I have I high standard for Mee Goreng, my favourite was from Singapore Malaysian Indian Cuisine, which predated Mak’s Place at this location, with it’s use of palm oil for a rich red colour and peppery taste. I have also learnt to cook Mee Goreng, while not up to Singapore Malaysian Indian Cuisine’s standard, it is tasty and consistent.

The Mee Goreng I got served today was just wrong, it used thinner noodles broken into 2 to 3cm length, the the noodles and sauce looked pale and unappetising, the aroma uninviting and the taste, well the only taste I remember was mushy peas.

I can be forgiving to most restaurants and let the serve me one bad dish. I draw the line at two. Ray’s Kitchen managed 3 out of 3, I will not be back.

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