Return to Hoka Restaurant

After the Singaporean Style Fish episode, I decided to return to Hoka Restaurant to see if there was something on the menu that excited my taste buds.

I ordered as I was getting seated and two minutes later, a regular Chilli Chicken and rice was on my table. Chilli Chicken consisted of chicken, capsicum, baby sweetcorn, onion, hokkien noodles and dried chilli, stir fried in what I consider a generic stir fry sauce.

The service was fast, the food was well presented and fresh, there was a beautiful crunch to the capsicum. The hokkien noodles was used as a filler, but given the cost $8 and the size of the serving, it could be forgiven. But what I love about most South East Asian food I regularly consume is the strong flavours, there were none here today.

I am likely to return to Hoka Restaurant, because the food is fresh, good value and fast. Just not on days my taste buds need exercising.

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