Sassellas Bar & Bistro

A group of friends meet for lunch in the CBD between Christmas and New Year. Sassellas was selected probably as it was licensed. Which was a poor choice seeing of the seven, only two of drank alcohol, the rest were far more responsible than me. The beer, wine and soft dink list and prices was pub like. I ordered a pint of 5 Seeds cider, because it was on tap. Not a bad drop but there is far better ciders available, just not on tap here.

Even though the rest of Perth was fairly quiet, Sassellas was very busy and noisy.From what I have be told, this is normal and Sassellas prides itself on fast service of your typical pub food.

While Sassellas has table service for drinks, you need to physically order your meals from the servery, wait 10 minutes and return to collect your meal. Well that was the theory. Except you had to wait up to 10 minutes to order, return 10 minutes later, then a wait a further 5 minutes for a lamb burger where the patty needed a couple of minutes longer on the grill.

While it was good to catch up with friends over lunch, the food was very ordinary and over priced, $19 for my undercooked Lamb Burger. I could of got a much better burger from Jus Burgers a couple of blocks away on William St and saved myself a few dollars in the process.

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