Satay-Mu Revisited

nasi lemak

It is a very rare for me to eat at the same restaurant twice in the same week. However, my last visit to Satay-Mu left me wanting to investigate further and their current 20% introductory discount combined to get me to break this long standing habit.

I walked in and was recognised as a returning customer, I got seated in what was now much busier restaurant than earlier in the week and ordered Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry.

It took only a couple of minutes for my meal to arrive, which was a surprise as it was not a simple meal, consisting of rice cooked in coconut milk with the distinctive aroma of pandan leaves, chicken curry, acar, ikan billis, peanuts, a hard boiled egg and sambal. And it looked as tasted as good as it taste. I will admit the chicken curry was not the best I had every tasted, but it was decent. The malaysian acar pickle was exceptional, spicy with out being overpowering, the ikan billis and peanuts, other than being much to my surprise separate and cold, I am so use to them being served together, straight from the wok, still crunchy, tasty and a real change in texture. The sambal lacked any chilli bite, but was very tasty, the egg almost perfectly cooked and the rice. Well that what makes a Nasi Lemak, fragrant and sweet. A very good meal that I thoroughly enjoyed, and it looks like Satay-Mu will be a regular lunch spot for me.

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