Satay-Mu Revisited

nasi lemak

It is a very rare for me to eat at the same res­taur­ant twice in the same week. How­ever, my last visit to Satay-Mu left me want­ing to invest­ig­ate fur­ther and their cur­rent 20% intro­duct­ory dis­count com­bined to get me to break this long stand­ing habit.

I walked in and was recog­nised as a return­ing cus­tomer, I got seated in what was now much busier res­taur­ant than earlier in the week and ordered Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry.

It took only a couple of minutes for my meal to arrive, which was a sur­prise as it was not a simple meal, con­sist­ing of rice cooked in coconut milk with the dis­tinct­ive aroma of pandan leaves, chicken curry, acar, ikan bil­lis, pea­nuts, a hard boiled egg and sam­bal. And it looked as tasted as good as it taste. I will admit the chicken curry was not the best I had every tasted, but it was decent. The malay­sian acar pickle was excep­tional, spicy with out being over­power­ing, the ikan bil­lis and pea­nuts, other than being much to my sur­prise sep­ar­ate and cold, I am so use to them being served together, straight from the wok, still crunchy, tasty and a real change in tex­ture. The sam­bal lacked any chilli bite, but was very tasty, the egg almost per­fectly cooked and the rice. Well that what makes a Nasi Lemak, fra­grant and sweet. A very good meal that I thor­oughly enjoyed, and it looks like Satay-Mu will be a reg­u­lar lunch spot for me.

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