The Aviary

Every small bar I have visited in Perth has had a great and distinctive atmosphere. Be it the busy George full of suits holding a late afternoon business meeting, The chaotic Ezra Pound with hipsters and their longnecks in brown paper bags or a laid back and almost empty Wolf Lane on a wet evening the day after the Melbourne Cup. That was until I walked into the Aviary.

The Aviary has/had a reputation as a fresh and funky small bar, and I was bitterly disappointed. Sure it had a fresh look with a white colour scheme, which could also be described as sterile and hospital like. The funky being a few stuffed birds or was that strange like a taxidermist’s pad.

The Aviary has 3 distinct areas, the roof top bar which was closed for a private function, the empty restaurant with its neat rows of tables and chairs and a big open space with a bar in the middle, with a collection of funky ie weird seating around the wall.

Even though all the seating was in use, the crowd busy talking in small group and making an incredible noise, it had absolutely no atmosphere. It felt like an old beer barn with nothing to make it special or unique.

Drink wise it had all the right tequilas, a dozen or so middle of the road single malts and mixed bag of dark rums, most were ordinary but there were a couple of gems, including Pampero Aniversario I had previously enjoyed at Andaluz. Though I paid a $6 premium to drink it at the Aviary.

Overall, the lack of atmosphere drove us away early and we will be unlikely to return, the higher prices are another incentive to try other small bars in Perth. There are plenty of small bars in Perth with good atmosphere and fair prices, the Aviary is not one in my opinion.

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