The George

aka lessons in Tequila

My last visit to the George had the bar manager convince me to start drinking rum, as he said he had a far better dark rum selection than single malts. He was a bad influence on me and I now regularly drink and appreciate quality dark rum. He also said next time we will get you drinking tequila.

So this visit, I decided to take him up on the offer and try tequila. Unfortunately, the original bar manager was not on duty, so I took the recommendation of another staff member and went for a Don Juilo Blanco served with a twist of lime and a little ice. This was a bad move as the sourness of lime totally overpowered any subtle flavours of the tequila. If you drink you whisky or rum neat, as I do, you need to drink your tequila the same way to appreciate it.

Which is what I did with my next drink, an Epsilon Blanco and I did appreciate it, far smoother than I remember my last tequila. but that was more than 20 years ago. It is hard to explain the differences between tequila and whisky or rum, based on a single drink, except to say different. I do not expect to drink good tequila on regular basis. As, I prefer the taste of whisky or rum. Still, I can see myself appreciating the odd good tequila.

The George was the first small bar I have visited on a Wednesday where the size of the crowd did not increase as the evening wore on. That might be due to a larger proportion of suits and ties here than other small bars, enjoying a late business meeting before heading home for dinner.

As we sat outside watching the terrace go by, the atmosphere was very different from my previous visit. The light, the openness, the constant movement along the terrace, the street noise complete with helicopters and noisy parrots, was so different from any other small bar, I have visited in Perth. Even being so different, it was a very enjoyable place to sit, talk, drink, eat and watch the world go by. I expect this section to get very crowded in the coming months.

Overall the service is very good, the tapas excellent (highly recommend the pork belly), a good range of rum and tequila on hand, the single malt range is not really that bad. The beer, wine and cocktail list was also extensive. Another great small bar in the CBD.

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