The Venn

The Venn is a mixed used space an art gallery, a designer store and a small bar tucked between the two. The bar space is interesting space squeezed between the exposed back wall and the glass window of the store, with plenty of faux concrete to give it the designer industrial look.

With such narrow space, the seating limited groups to a maximum of 4 people, so you had an atmosphere that was relaxed and intimate. This was reflected in the clientele, most of the people where in pairs, with the odd small groups of three or four, enjoying a drink and/or a bite to eat. And it is a good place to eat, the tapas were excellent, the four of us went for the mixed plate and we where not disappointed. It would of been a challenge for two people, but for four, it was a nice snack, particularly the marinated fetta. As we had great conversation and a couple of drinks.

The range of rum and single malts on offer was small but decent quaility, I went for a Quarter Cask Laphroaig, I had heard some many good things about this no age statement young whisky that is matured in much smaller barrels. It did not disappoint, it packs more punch than your 10 year old Laphroaig or Ardbeg. More heavily peated, wooded and smokier than the ten year old rivals, with less medicinal iodine. A true whisky of Islay, but I still rank it below my current monster of Islay favourite Arbeg Uigeadail.

If I wanted to meet a friend after work in the CBD for a quiet drink or a bit to eat, the Venn would be the place, the atmosphere just suits great conversation over a drink with or without some good food.

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