Tim’s Thai, West Perth

Sometimes I don’t realise I lucky I am

I had to head to West Perth for an appointment and took the opportunity to catch up with a couple of friends for lunch. The eating establishment of choice was Tim’s Thai, which sounded ideal for a change in cuisine as I have yet to find a Thai restaurant in Northbridge I enjoy eating at.

The lunchtime menu, was typical generic south east asian noodle house. With a name like Tim’s Thai, I went for the Pad Thai, which I found disappointing. Particularly the use of seafood extender. It just lacked any punch in the flavours, they seemed muddled and subdued. Overall, it was not a bad dish, I have had much worse particularly when I worked in West Perth. But now I am spoilt, I eat good food most lunchtimes and expect good food all the time.

My friends went Chicken Keow Teow, which was a good choice as it lacked seafood extender and Garlic Chicken, which was stir fried chicken and vegetables in a garlic sauce served with steamed rice. My friends both enjoyed their meals and I was a little jealous as both meals look better than mine.

If Tim’s Thai was in Northbridge, I would not give it a second chance. I would classify it as an average generic south east asian noodle house and move on.

However, if I worked in West Perth, due to limited choices, I would give it another chance and explore other items from the menu.

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