XO Lounge

A man walks into a cognac bar and asked for a recommendation of a cognac to start learning about cognac. The barman replies “Sorry I know nothing about cognac”. Sounds more like the start of a joke than the experience you expect when you try to order a drink from a bar that that is trying to build a reputation as Perth’s premier cognac bar. Unfortunately that was my experience just prior christmas at XO.

If XO defence, they where busy preparing for a Young Lawyers event, which had staff running everywhere. From the location, decor and drink range XO was highly suited to hold a Young Lawyers event. Just off the terrace, the decor had a lot of glass, chrome and black leather upholstered booths.

As it was only a quick visit under unusual circumstances, we had 30 minutes for a drink and wait for late comers, before we changed bars as that was when the private event was starting, I can’t comment on the food or atmosphere. The service, while I liked the bar staff honesty, I expected him to call over a more experience staff member to assist me with selection of a suitable cognac. As there was over 15 cognacs on display. The rum choice was limited to Angostura, but you did have the choice of their 3 best rums 1824, 1919 and 7 year old butterfly rum. The tequila range was a couple of bottles of the upmarket name brands.

The single malt collection was a little more impressive, I had more time to enjoy it, the 21 year Highland Park would of been my choice, instead I went for the 12 year old Highland Park, which has a deserved reputation. A great island malt, with a find balance of peat, a touch of smoke and little salt, with a smooth honeyed flavour. Can definitely see me drinking a lot more of this.

Overall, I was disappointed with my experience at XO, not enough to stop me going back, but I much rather go to a bar that I have had a good experience with and with staff who know their products.

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