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Can’t corner, can’t sprint

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Race Report PDCC D Grade Criterium Motorplex 24 Feb 2013

Can’t corner, can’t sprint, pretty lousy crit rider with a half decent motor is a fair description of me. Racing my least favourite circuit with two corners that cause me trouble, a single lane 90 degree right hander, with no room for error and a hairpin that leads onto the uphill finishing straight, I had no great expectations and a simple plan, keep my head down, stay in the front half of the pack and see what happens in the end. And to top it off it was windy as usual at the Motorplex, a 20kph gusting to 30kph South Easterly, which meant you were riding in a crosswind for almost all of the exposed course except a short downhill section and headwind for the finishing straight. Add to that 21 riders in D grade, one of our biggest fields of the season and it was going to be an interesting race for me.

Race Report PDCC D Grade Crit Smeaton Way

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Yesterday, test riding a Scott Foil Team Edition, I did a couple of hard laps of the course and settled on a plan to go to the front early in the race and sit on a good hard pace for as long as possible, to see if I could time trial the race and see what would happen behind me.

Well that all changed when I arrived at the circuit this morning, the wind was a strong south westerly …

Race Report: PDCC D grade Criterium Parklands 10 February 2013

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

It was going to be an interesting race, it was hot, (average temperature during the race 35C), windy 25kph gusting to 35kph across the eastern half of the course. Parklands is my favourite criterium circuit, 4km long with a short sharp climb in the middle and no technical corners. The group was a little different from usual, down in numbers it was missing the sprinters (using their discretion) and the triathletes (important local race). Instead it was loaded with the all the aggressive attacking riders still in D grade I had raced with this season. So my original plan of attacking early and trying to get away with another rider or two, was put on hold to a more read and react. I did feel sorry for the new guy and a couple of regulars returning after a break. This was looking like it was going to be an aggressive attacking race.

Race Report PDCC D Grade Criterium Smeaton Way 3 February 2012

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Took a couple days off to recover from my recent heavy racing schedule (4 races in 5 days) and what felt like a cold. So I had no idea how I was going to go today. My intention was to stay close to the front, ready to be involved in any breakaway and if it was quiet, conserve enough energy to launch an attack just as we approached the bell and attempt to stay away for the whole lap, aka Clint in the the WCMCC D grade points race on this course.