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Last road race of the season

Monday, October 14th, 2013

PDCC President’s Cup Handicap
Wandi 5 October 2013

For the last road race of the season, the field was fairly small only 40 riders. Which made for some interesting groupings in the handicap. Ken was the lone E grader and only rider on limit. 5 minutes behind Ken were the first of D grader, two riders without any results this year and a couple of new riders from the Northern Beaches Cycling Club. Two minutes behind and 11 minutes off scratch was the rest of D grade, the regular trio of me, Frank and Don, two semi regulars in Scott and Scotty, and two riders with results on the board in previous seasons, but lacking current form, Art and Andy.

4 Races in 2 days

Monday, October 14th, 2013

WCMCC Mark Keyser Tour C grade
6 & 7 of October 2013

After my last race with WCMCC, when I rode away from D grade with 2.5km to go, to score a convincing win, the day after racing hard with PDCC. I thought it only fair that I ride C grade in a two day event were my habit of racing with Peel on Saturday and WCMCC or ATTA on Sunday should give me and advantage on day 2.