10th time trial of the year - recap and race report

Race Report PDCC 16km Individual Time Trial Hopeland 13 March 2013

My time tri­als races this year so far:

  1. I crashed on a straight road.
  2. too cautious/nervous after pre­vi­ous week, still 30 seconds behind my best time set on a road bike at my first attempt at the end of last year.
  3. finally hav­ing a TT bike pays off new per­sonal best by 14 seconds.
  4. still improv­ing beat last week’s time by 16 seconds
  5. another 8 seconds off my PB, now 27:28
  6. had a bike fit­ting and improved by over a minute
  7. DNF after flat
  8. proved that race 6 was not a fluke and beat that time by 2 seconds
  9. another great ride, hard into a strong head­wind and then flew back with a tail­wind, another 14 seconds off my per­sonal best which is now 26:02

So com­ing into the final race I had a lead the solo rider com­pet­i­tion and had a simple aim, beat 26:00. As well as beat­ing a mile­stone, it should be enough for me to win the solo rider com­pet­i­tion, provided my main com­pet­i­tion, did not beat their best time by a sig­ni­fic­ant amount.

That was until I picked up a head cold, by the time Wed­nes­day after­noon arrived I felt bad and went to the race with a simple aim, fin­ish the race, score 2 points for com­plet­ing the race, maybe post a 26:30 and hope that neither of my two main com­pet­it­ors did not do any­thing bet­ter than half decent rides and times.

The weather was not doing me any favours, the days I did best com­pared to my com­pet­it­ors were the hot 35C+ days with a strong south­erly. Today it was only 27C and the wind was a mild south easterly.

I set off, aim­ing to keep an aver­age of 250w for as long as pos­sible, see how my body and lungs coped and work out a strategy from there. I man­aged an aver­age of 245w for the first 8km (down from 255w the pre­vi­ous week), was a little unsure of my aver­age speed, it looked like 35kph and I did not worry about my time. I got caught by a rider who star­ted 2 minutes behind be just after I turned for home. But see­ing he is a solid 22 minute rider, I was think­ing my time was not that bad. Though felt I needed an aver­age of over 40kph on the way back to get a decent time, how­ever, I struggled to keep it above 39kph and when the rider in front is trav­el­ling in excess of 44kph, you do get a little dis­pir­ited. How­ever I did feel good and I man­aged to keep my power out­put was around 240w for the return trip, I sprin­ted over the fin­ish and then I finally looked at my my time 25:44 whoot!

The fig­ures

  • 16km
  • time 25:42 (official)
  • aver­age speed 37.4kph (out 36.2kph, back 39.2kph)
  • aver­age power 241W (out 244w, back 239w)
  • 15th of 21 on elapsed time
  • 7th of 18 club mem­bers on best time com­pare to pre­vi­ous PB (yes 6 beat their PBs by more than 20 seconds tonight, appar­ently good TT rid­ing conditions)
  • enough points to win solo rider com­pet­i­tion (based on time com­pared to pre­vi­ous per­sonal best, with bonus points for fast­est 3 riders.

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