A quick TT before breakfast

ATTA Early Bird in the Park
17km TT (5 laps of 3.4km circuit with 1km 4% avg climb)
Kings Park
12 November 2013

Not falling for the same mistake my last race, I had already scouted out the circuit doing a couple of laps on Sunday and I turned up on time and warmed up.

Only problem, no real strategy to deal with 500m flat, U turn, 500m flat, 1km descent at 5%, 200m flat, U turn, 200m flat, 1km climb at 5% average, circuit that was covered 5 times.

The first lap was interesting, start was good, the turn bad even by my poor standards, flat good, downhill was a little scary, especially when a couple of dry leaves got flicked into the front wheel and made some horrible noises, end up finishing the descent on the bars. OK corner and then up the climb, a lot shorter than I remembered from Sunday.

From the second lap, my strategy was simple drive from the line to the corner, power out the corner, keep pace up for 1km or so, get a slight breather last 500m of descent, while remaining on the TT bars. Turn, get the pace up, push hard up the climb and repeat.

I was surprisingly consistent within a couple of seconds of 6:25 for all laps except the for the 4th 6:40, a few seconds for being balked by a slower rider at a corner and a few seconds tiring up the climb. What speed I was gaining on the descent by gaining more confidence each lap, was counteracted by me tiring and not having the power to apply to the climb.

Overall happy with my performance, 82nd out of 115. I wanted to finish in the top 75% and did and now have a target, sub 32:00 for the next Early Bird in the Park

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