Testing myself

WCMCC C grade criterium
Smeaton Way Rockingham
24 November 2013

This race was likely the last WCMCC criterium for the year for me. As the PDCC criterium season starts next Sunday at the same circuit. This was going to be a good chance for me to test my legs and see if I am going to ride C or D grade with PDCC.

I had very simple strategy, for the first few laps settle down as the ticket collector, get comfortable with the corners. Then go to the front and do exactly what I had been doing at the back, steady into the corner, surge hard out, slow, repeat.

The first few laps I struggled, a couple of times I had issues with the last corner and it took a lot of work to get back on up the finishing straight as it was a block headwind. After a few laps, I settled down and was comfortable with the corners, I then realised I was still feeling the effects from Thursday’s effort and delayed heading to the front.

It was heading towards the 30 minute mark and the bunch was slow up the finish straight, so I got to second wheel, around the corner went to the front, drove hard out of the next corner, forced a chase, was preparing for the next corner, when the counter attack came, everybody was strung out and moving at pace. So I never got back to the front. A couple laps later, the bell rang, the pace picked up. Second last corner, a few stragglers from A grade where on the outside, I took a conservative approach, lost a few bike lengths, onto the finish straight, the rider in front popped, got past, the bunch where strung out and I was chasing the tail, which I just missed catching.

Happy with my performance, as Thursday’s night race and a rush of over enthusiasm Saturday’s training ride did take a toll. Tactically, I need to move up to the front for the last few laps, so I can be in position on the last lap, if I want a result. Still this was not about a result, but more test which I past and if nothing unpredictable happens this Thursday, I will be racing C grade next Sunday.

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