Back the next day for 9 laps and up a grade

Luke Durbridge Celebration Kermesse
WCMCC combined C & D grade Wandi 30 June 2013

Back to Wandi and those short rises, except this time 9 instead of 5 laps and with C grade instead of D grade. I did not know how I was going to go. My only race with WMCC C grade, I stayed with the bunch until a crash before the final corner. That was before I did not train for 6 weeks due a cold and work commitments. Also that was not after a race the day before. My chances was not aided by running late and having to ride hard to get to the race on time. Still one could hope the combining of C and D grade especially for this event there might be a reduced pace.

The pace was faster than yesterday’s D grade, and riders were regularly getting dropped, I know as I assumed the position of ticket collector. The third lap was as fast as PDCC C grade fastest lap the day before, I was holding my position, 4th time up Bodeman Road, I was swearing at my Garmin for not working (hence no ride to show you) and then suddenly there was a gap between me and the bunch. I worked hard for half a lap and got back on. Next time up Bodeman Road the elastic snapped, I was off the back with another rider and we could not get back on.

The next 4 laps, was a solo training ride with the aim of finishing the race without being lapped. I succeeded by a little over a minute. Kudos to the 3 members of the Unicorn Brewery team that I raced yesterday, that finished in the main group. I was a little disappointed not being able to do the same.

Any number of reasons for me not lasting the distance:

  • not training over longer distances (both times I failed to finish with the pack recently are 50km+ races)
  • lack of recent training (1 training ride in 6 weeks does not count)
  • racing the day before
  • not paying attention to the race and getting dropped in the first place, and using all that energy to get back on

None of those reasons will stop me from racing the next WCMCC kermese, I just need to do more training, particularly over long distances.

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