If it does not work on Saturday try it on Sunday

WCMCC D grade Wandi
September 8 2013

I know I said I would not race D grade with WCMCC again. But I had a hard race on Saturday, a couple of the strong D grade riders I rode the handicap with the week before were racing and Clint who I raced yesterday was racing.

So I put on my PDDC jersey and was going to play the good team mate to Clint also in his PDCC jersey, chasing down any breakaways and launching an attack from the top of the crest on De Haer road and working with Clint to finish 1, 2.

For the first three laps, I hid at the back of the pack, did do a couple of turns on the front so I was not completely anonymous, but it was definitely not strenuous. Clint managed three laps, before 10 ascents up Bodeman road in 2 days took it’s toll and he retired.

Now I start riding the course how I liked it. I would move up on the outside on Bodeman Road, hit the front at the bottom of the climb and drive up it at my own pace. A couple of times I drove down the hill, round the corner and up the rise on Lyon road. These were not attacks or even big efforts on my behalf. The aim was to make people feel like they were in a race.

Last lap, as usual I moved up on outside the bunch at the bottom of the climb, watching as riders touched their brakes, as the riders in front slowed. I heard a rider behind hit the ground. Slowly rode to the top of the rise, waiting for group to get back together, which it did down the descent, sans the rider who can down in the touch of wheels, he had damaged his bike in the crash but according to all reports was ok.

The lap was the slowest of the race, until we were about to crest the last little rise on De Haer road and I attacked and rode hard for the next 2,5km to the finish line, I did not even look back until 200m to go. Crossed the line just ahead of a lone pursuer and a few seconds clear of the pack.

I got a talking to from the handicapper, for the style of my win and the fact that my pursuer, who in the handicap jumped on the back of A grade (it was perfectly legal to do so), stayed with them for a good few kilometers, before almost soloing to victory. Today he sat on the back of the pack while I worked hard and still could not catch me.

Actually me, my pursuer and the one rider who spent most his time on the front, deserve to be in C grade. My next race with WCMCC is a combined C and D grade kermesse over 70km, so I will see where I stand. Though the following 2 day, 4 race event, I will probably ride in C grade, because today was how I rode after a hard day of racing the day before.

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