Not a great race

PDDCC criterium C grade
Kwinana Motorplex
8 December 2013

Even with a few warm up laps, I was not confident riding the newly widened first corner. I was feeling a little better about the bottom corner a 180 degree turn. While I could not carry a great deal of speed through that corner, it played into my strength of being able to accelerate hard from a slow speed up an incline.

I started mid pack, but found myself slowly sliding down the bunch, to find a spot I was comfortable with.

The fourth time through the bottom corner, I was about to turn in an the rider behind, appeared to cut inside me. I braked a little more, went deeper into the corner and can out much slower. I chased hard up the rise, but could not get back on the bunch. I did not realise it at the time, but that was there was a couple of attacks, the bunch reacted, but the four riders got away and the breakaway lasted.

For the next couple of laps I chased hard, hoping the bunch would sit up, let the breakaway go and let me back on. They did not, the chase from the bunch was half hearted. Not enough to catch the breakaway, but too much for me to be able catch them.

I was not the only rider in difficulty, the rider who put their wheel inside me, as a result of late braking I found out later due to late braking and was not trying an aggressive move, came out of the corner later and even slower than me. The rider following them was even farther behind.

After a few laps, I knew I was not going to catch them, so I settled down to TT and cornering practise. I was trying not to get lapped, but in the end the breakaway got me a little over 5 minutes and a lap to go. I could see the main bunch bearing down on me, I managed to hold them at bay, until the last corner, so I ran wide and deep and rolled in behind the bunch one lap down.

I was a disappointed with my ride, until I realised why I was dropped, it was a combination of being slow out of the corner due to another rider and not being able to get back on because the bunch was chasing hard. Any idea of dropping back to D, was resolved by looking at the lap times. If I rode the times i did solo today in D, I would of ridden away for a solo victory. So next week I will ride in C again and see if I can last longer and make it to the end.

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