Race Report PDCC D grade criterium Kwinana Motorplex 28 January 2013

The third race in three days, and while that had some bear­ing on my per­form­ance, it was not the only factor. The Motor­plex is my least favour­ite course, with two tight corners I struggle with. It is also exposed and windy, the 25kph gust­ing to 40 kph east­erly was worse than usual, and I should of real­ised watch­ing the races before mine get­ting broken up by the wind.

At the start, the rider in front struggled clip­ping in, so I was last rider onto the cir­cuit. Approach­ing the tight single lane 90 degree corner, my new found cor­ner­ing con­fid­ence dis­ap­peared and I cau­tiously made my way round the corner, then had to accel­er­ate really hard to get on the back of the group as some­body put the ham­mer down. Picked up a spot, as we went down to the hair­pin, ended up at an almost dead stop get­ting round the corner, accel­er­ated hard again to get back on the group, passing a rider on the way, up to the tight 90 degree, too slow through that, worked hard to get back on, defen­ded my pos­i­tion, slow through the hair­pin due to traffic, charged hard out the corner, up the hill, improved my pos­i­tion by a spot if I was lucky and so it went.

The riders on the front, even though they had their noses in the wind, had a much easier ride being able to main­tain some momentum out of the corners. So they kept their work rate up, and where reg­u­larly send­ing riders out the back of the bunch never to return because of the wind had freshened and turned north east­erly. On the sixth lap, I got gapped on the tight 90 degree corner, failed to get back on down the back straight, tried hard on the main straight, but the bunch was keep­ing the pace up. Rode with another rider for a couple of laps, but in the end could not keep the pace and rode solo to the end, pick­ing off a couple of strag­glers to fin­ish 11th.

My power was down about 5% from the pre­vi­ous two days (but still bet­ter than a couple of months ago), so the three days of effort did have an impact, but even at full strength my per­form­ance would of not been much bet­ter. I could of stayed with the other rider and work­ing together with might of picked a couple more stragglers.

My race was run and lost, get­ting on to the course and get­ting to the first corner. If I was in the top six at that time, I prob­ably would of been in the top six at the end, but that was not to be, les­son learnt for next time.


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