Race Report PDCC D grade criterium Kwinana Motorplex 28 January 2013

The third race in three days, and while that had some bearing on my performance, it was not the only factor. The Motorplex is my least favourite course, with two tight corners I struggle with. It is also exposed and windy, the 25kph gusting to 40 kph easterly was worse than usual, and I should of realised watching the races before mine getting broken up by the wind.

At the start, the rider in front struggled clipping in, so I was last rider onto the circuit. Approaching the tight single lane 90 degree corner, my new found cornering confidence disappeared and I cautiously made my way round the corner, then had to accelerate really hard to get on the back of the group as somebody put the hammer down. Picked up a spot, as we went down to the hairpin, ended up at an almost dead stop getting round the corner, accelerated hard again to get back on the group, passing a rider on the way, up to the tight 90 degree, too slow through that, worked hard to get back on, defended my position, slow through the hairpin due to traffic, charged hard out the corner, up the hill, improved my position by a spot if I was lucky and so it went.

The riders on the front, even though they had their noses in the wind, had a much easier ride being able to maintain some momentum out of the corners. So they kept their work rate up, and where regularly sending riders out the back of the bunch never to return because of the wind had freshened and turned north easterly. On the sixth lap, I got gapped on the tight 90 degree corner, failed to get back on down the back straight, tried hard on the main straight, but the bunch was keeping the pace up. Rode with another rider for a couple of laps, but in the end could not keep the pace and rode solo to the end, picking off a couple of stragglers to finish 11th.

My power was down about 5% from the previous two days (but still better than a couple of months ago), so the three days of effort did have an impact, but even at full strength my performance would of not been much better. I could of stayed with the other rider and working together with might of picked a couple more stragglers.

My race was run and lost, getting on to the course and getting to the first corner. If I was in the top six at that time, I probably would of been in the top six at the end, but that was not to be, lesson learnt for next time.


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