Race Report PDCC D grade criterium Motorplex 13 January 2013

It is the Motorplex it has corners,in other words badly, was my answer to anybody asking how I would go today.

Personally I did not have high expectations for today. If I got into an early breakaway, I would probably get dropped mid way through the race due to my poor cornering technique. My only hope was for a hard race, that would allow me to attack late with only a lap or two to go, get away from a reduce bunch and go solo to the finish.

Well it started fairly well, a strong easterly cross wind, a couple of early attacks, a couple of surges, I was feeling good after 15 minutes, that when things slowed, I went to the front, with the sole intention of putting some hurt on and drove hard up the front straight. I don’t think I did any damaged and when I slowed, I had to avoid a couple of B graders off the front of their group and ended up at the back of our group.

The next few laps where a struggle, I might of used to much energy in my attacks, but more likely I was just spending too much energy, just catching up after corners. So when it came to my allocated time to attack, I postponed it for a lap and just moved up a couple of spots in the bunch. THe bunch then started to break up as we came up the front straight, I thought great, until I heard the bell. It was on for young and old, I made up ground on the back straight and at the start of the main straight, but halfway up I just died and rolled over the line in 10th.

Lesson learnt again, be closer to the front when riding at the Motorplex, stop riding like David Moncoutie, there are other places in the peleton other than on the front or on the back.

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