Race Report PDCC D grade criterium Motorplex 13 January 2013

It is the Motor­plex it has corners,in other words badly, was my answer to any­body ask­ing how I would go today.

Per­son­ally I did not have high expect­a­tions for today. If I got into an early break­away, I would prob­ably get dropped mid way through the race due to my poor cor­ner­ing tech­nique. My only hope was for a hard race, that would allow me to attack late with only a lap or two to go, get away from a reduce bunch and go solo to the finish.

Well it star­ted fairly well, a strong east­erly cross wind, a couple of early attacks, a couple of surges, I was feel­ing good after 15 minutes, that when things slowed, I went to the front, with the sole inten­tion of put­ting some hurt on and drove hard up the front straight. I don’t think I did any dam­aged and when I slowed, I had to avoid a couple of B graders off the front of their group and ended up at the back of our group.

The next few laps where a struggle, I might of used to much energy in my attacks, but more likely I was just spend­ing too much energy, just catch­ing up after corners. So when it came to my alloc­ated time to attack, I post­poned it for a lap and just moved up a couple of spots in the bunch. THe bunch then star­ted to break up as we came up the front straight, I thought great, until I heard the bell. It was on for young and old, I made up ground on the back straight and at the start of the main straight, but halfway up I just died and rolled over the line in 10th.

Les­son learnt again, be closer to the front when rid­ing at the Motor­plex, stop rid­ing like David Mon­cou­tie, there are other places in the pel­eton other than on the front or on the back.

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