Race Report PDCC D Grade Criterium Smeaton Way 3 February 2012

Took a couple days off to recover from my recent heavy racing schedule (4 races in 5 days) and what felt like a cold. So I had no idea how I was going to go today. My intention was to stay close to the front, ready to be involved in any breakaway and if it was quiet, conserve enough energy to launch an attack just as we approached the bell and attempt to stay away for the whole lap, aka Clint in the the WCMCC D grade points race on this course.

A lap and half in and I was doing my best to rip the legs off the bunch. Unfortunately with only two protagonists today (me & Travis) every attack we tried was covered. No matter if was full out sprint up the main straight, trying to ease slowly off the front or an almost well time counter attack after Travis got pulled back.

I did spend a lot of time on the front of the bunch, mainly because when my attempted attacks failed, nobody rolled through. So I just sat on the front tapping out 180 watts, a pace I could keep up all day. On occasions to take on fluids, I would swing back through the pack, to see what damage I was doing. Surprisingly it was not the recent promotions from E Grade but a couple of the regular D graders, red faced and breathing heavily, that seemed to be struggling. That gave me some satisfaction.

After 30 minutes, I was sitting at the back taking a drink, getting ready to move towards the front, expecting the bell in another two laps, our races after 35 minutes plus one lap. When the bell rang after only 30 minutes, the small group of riders at the front took off and everybody gave chase. I did get baulked a couple times getting past slower riders, but seriously my final lap was nowhere as fast as the riders at the front. So I finished 12th of 19 and in need of new tactics for my next race at Smeaton Way, as my fast final lap is not fast enough.

Got complimented by one the regular D graders, complaining that there were 5 riders strong enough to ride in C grade in our race, naming the top 3 finishers, myself and Travis. While the top 3 finishers are consistent performers who are likely to get promoted to C grade with another good performance. D grade is stuck with me and Travis for a bit longer, as we might have the strength for C grade, we don’t have the results on the board and I don’t have the racecraft.

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