Spinning a bit faster

ATTA 20km Time Trial Wandi
18th August 2013

I have only ridden TT bike twice since April. So prior to this race I started practicing. I quickly found that the occasional pain I suffer in the left knee, was becoming more frequent and related to efforts at low cadence. Which was going to be an issue, since my TT riding style was to power along in a big gear at a relatively low cadence. At the end of last TT season I was managing 240 watts at 75rpm over 25 minutes. Which is significantly lower cadence than my usual road racing or criterium cadence of 95rpm.

A little bit of internet research indicated it probably was iliotibial band syndrome (ITB) and there are a number of possible causes. Started doing regular stretching as well as soon as the pain started, changing gears and spinning at a much faster cadence. This reduced the frequency and intensity of the pain, but was not the underlying cause.

So made an appointment to visit Mikey at Avanti Plus in Rockingham. He pointed out that my right knee moved out to the right and then back during my pedal stroke under load. and suggested I see a specialist as this was not a normal pedal stroke.

So the tactic of the race was to keep my cadence high, which I did, though I struggled to keep my power close to 240 watts, it was under 220 watts for most of the race. Until I crested the lip on De Haer road for the final time and spotted the ride in front (actually 3rd rider in front, the 1st puncture riding to the start, the 2nd was faster than me, so this was my 2 minute 15 second man), chased hard and got within a bike length at the line.

It was fun, but the figures are not impressive, averaged 217 watts for just under 34 minutes. I need to find out what happened to the missing 20 watts, is it lack of fitness, lack of practise on the TT bike or the fact that I had to ride at a high cadence. The only problem is I cracked my seat post and the can’t ride my TT bike until I get a new one.

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