TT with corners

ATTA Champion Lakes 20km TT 14 July 2013

I had not ridden the course before, I did check out the course on Strava and the times of people I know. I was looking at completing each 5km lap in under 8 minutes at an average of 240 watts.

I rolled up to the start, and got asked if I have ridden the course before and was I aware of the corners. This alarmed me as bike handling skills on my TT bike are not the best and usually cost me some time in races, not being able to corner at the same speed as other racers. Had the trickier sections pointed out to me and I was away.

The first lap was an experience, the course was a single lane width shared path. The path was smooth, but visibility was limited. There where a couple of kinks which where more difficult that the four corners. I did not touch the brakes, though I did sit up a lot, I managed to average my target 240 watts and a sub 8 minute lap.

Next lap should of been better, it was not, I was far from smooth. I almost 20 seconds slower and down 20 watts. The next couple of laps where smoother, but I still lacked the power. 220 watts and just over 8 minutes was all I could manage.

Still given my recent lack of training and lack of time on a TT bike, it was not a bad effort, except the 2nd lap. Still I need to train and ride my TT bike more before the next race.

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