WCMCC Points Race Smeaton Way 27 January 2013

First ride with WCMCC (West Coast Mas­ter Cyc­ling Club), second ride at Smeaton Way and my second points race, Where you score points, usu­ally 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 1st, every cer­tain num­ber of laps, or here every 10 minutes. Per­son with most points win. The race favours riders with explos­ive bursts of speed, given my lim­ited sprint­ing prowess, I needed a good plan, which was to get into a good spot for the first sprint, wait until it was over, then launch an attack, get a break and try and stay away for the couple of sprints.

Was sit­ting in a decent pos­i­tion with half a lap to go to the first sprint, when I got muscled out, partly due to my lack of con­fid­ence rid­ing in packs, partly due to the closer nature of rid­ing within a WCMCC D grade bunch com­pared to a PDCC D grade bunch, as well as some very assert­ive rid­ing. I was back to my usual pos­i­tion of ticket col­lector at the final corner, do not know if it was the sheer pace of the bunch or my legs not work­ing after yesterday’s pun­ish­ment, I had trouble mak­ing it to the front of the group, well the two riders who rolled off the front as a res­ult of their sprint accel­er­a­tion. Half a lap later, I got to the front and launched my attack, but never got a gap and three quar­ters a lap later, I was back in the pack, feel­ing tired.

Plan B let’s try that again next sprint, same thing got muscled out of pos­i­tion, still nowhere near the front in the sprint, still man­aged to get to the front a little earlier this time, but the same res­ult, within three quar­ters of a lap, back in the bunch. But now my legs where feel­ing good, so five minutes later when every­body slowed, I launched another attack, this time I actu­ally got a small gap for more than half a lap, but that was it, the bunch was on my wheel, I stay on the front at a decent pace for almost a lap, when the whistle blew for the sprint next lap and I got swamped, and given the effort I just made, I was not tak­ing part in that sprint.

Still my legs where feel­ing good, so I thought might as well help my club mates out. Offered to chase down a break, which was not needed, so instead with a few laps to go, I went to the front and set a decent pace to dis­cour­age attacks and give my club mates who both could sprint a chance to score more points. After a couple of laps on the front, a small group of riders went past and then promptly settled down to the same pace. So I rolled down to the back to grab a breather and a drink, when on of my club mates attacked as the bell rang. My mis­take, I thought we had two laps to go. So I quickly made my way up towards the front. I could prob­ably could of made it across to him and then bury myself on the back straight to help him. On the other hand I could of dragged a few of the bunch across to him. At this point, know­ing a place was out of the ques­tion, I had to ride home and I was racing tomor­row, I swung off the bunch and cruised to the fin­ish. My club mate did stay away until the fin­ish, so he did not need my help, my other club mate fin­ished 2nd secur­ing the over­all win in D grade.

Todays les­son, you need to be in a good pos­i­tion for any sprint and to do that you need to be con­fid­ent in your abil­ity to race in a bunch and be assert­ive in your rid­ing, so you do not lose that pos­i­tion. I really enjoyed my race with WCMCC and I learnt a lot today and gained a lot more con­fid­ence. I hope to ride with then again soon, but as their cri­terium cal­en­dar clashes with PDCC cri­terium cal­en­dar. It may have to wait until the road sea­son. When WCMCC races Sunday morn­ing and PDCC Sat­urday afternoon.

The other inter­est­ing thing is my last three cri­teri­ums, my power curve has been almost identical and matches the crit­ical power model curve for 250 watts up from the 225 watts before Christmas.

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