Back to D grade?

PDDC C grade criterium
Motorplex long course
30 November 2014

This report is short and sweet, I got spat out the back after 3 laps and worked hard to avoid being lapped, which I did by about 10 metres.

The race started at a fast pace, I settled in mid pack. Was happy there, until second time through the tight corner and onto the narrow climb. Lost a few spots avoiding a slower rider from another grade. Ended up last spot through the final corner, lost a heap of ground and had to work hard to tag back on. Up the climb the next time, the rider in front got unhitched. So I had to chase back on again. Through the final corner lost even more ground and nothing in my legs to get back, race over.

I did keep circulating, hoping to catch stragglers. A couple of laps later I had Tyler in my sights. This was going to be revenge for him catching me on the final lap last week. I chased and got on to his wheel. Tyler then went hard to try and drop me, a few hundred metres later, Tyler popped and I was past. A quick breather and I saw 3 riders off the front of C grade behind me. I was a reasonable gap, still I needed to put in a effort not to get lapped. Four hard laps later, I succeeded by all of 10 metres. Final lap was easy after that.

Looking back at the race, my fitness is only about 90% of what it was earlier this year, I blame this hayfever/asthma thing I have been suffering the past couple of months. The reason I got unhitched was not my lack of fitness, but how badly I rode the final corner.

So after two races finishing off the back of C grade, I could very ask to be dropped to D grade, particularly with my hayfever/asthma thing. However, the 10 laps I rode solo after being dropped was faster than D grade race over 10 laps.

So next week, I will be back for more in C grade. The course suits me, three corners and a S kink over 4 kilometre circuit, with a sharp climb and descent on a rough surface. If I get spat out the back of that race, then I will ask to be demoted.

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