Chasing too hard

PDCC C grade scratch race
12 July 2014

Good weather saw 20 riders line up for C grade. A good number of the regulars, some new faces and a couple of old faces who had not raced for a while.

I was sitting at the back, when first time up Bodeman Road the attacks started. The bunch reacted and everything went quiet for the next couple of lap. Third time up Bodeman Road, one of the old faces with a reputation for attacking moved up the outside, I followed. He slowed, so I took the opportunity and put in an attack. I was joined by two other riders over the top. We had a break, but the other two were not willing to push it. So by the time we turned onto Lyon Road, the bunch was together, so I launched another attack.

I got clear and stayed away for a couple of kilometres, until the second small ramp on De Haar Road. I was happy to be caught as I did not expect to be able to last another three laps solo. The bunch rolled around until Bodeman Road.

It was then a father, son combination. Jordan an under 15 rider having his first race in C grade and another rider took off up Bodeman Road, when they got hauled in. His father how had not raced for a while but has a respectable palmares, went to the front and rode hard up Lyon Road, the pace eased on De Haar Road and was that way until the Bodeman Road climb. This time Jordan and a new rider took off up the climb.

They got a decent gap by the top. So I put in the effort to catch them, it was a drag race between the new guy and me as I chased the pair up Lyon Road at 40kph, with riders strung out behind me. Caught them on the second ramp on De Haar, put in an attack almost straight away and boom, that was all from me. I could not hold a wheel as the eight rider bunch rode away, or hold on to the six riders in hot pursuit.

Rode the last lap alone, thinking there was something wrong with the bike, a little was the front wheel out of true rubbing the front brake but most was just me totally spent.

At the time, I was not impressed with my performance, but a couple of days later in bed with the flu, it put my performance into perspective. I rode well, particularly as the rider I chased and caught up Lyon Road, went on to win the race by 20 seconds after an attack on the last lap and then win B grade the next week.

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