Last WCMCC crit of the season

West Coast Masters CC
C grade
13 April 2014

The last race of the season had a bigger field than last week with close to 25 riders. I was using the race to sharpen my skills and improve my race tactics.

I started mid pack, and dropped pack to ticket collector as the nervous energy required for me to maintain position, was far more than I was expending sitting at the back. It did not require that more work coming out of corners. I would on purpose loose a length or two from the rider in front leading into a corner, carry more speed and a different line through the corner and be back on the wheel as they were sprinting to get back on.

I did not take part in any early activity as a couple of riders tried to break and got reeled back in. I just sat back and watched. I started slowly moving up as the race went on, I was sitting about tenth when a rider tried to roll off the front with just over two laps to go. I jumped on his wheel, he slowed out of the corner off the back straight, so I nipped underneath him on corner onto the front straight and went for it. I stormed up the front straight, but by the time I hit the corner I knew I had a rider or two on my wheel.

Onto the back straight, the guy who tried who tried to sneak off the front, took the lead, I just held his wheel. But by the time we hit the next corner the bunch was on us. The bunch slowed behind us through the next pair of corners so I attacked again. Got off the main straight but was swamped coming on to the back straight and end up on the back of the bunch.

Ended up out sprinting the rider who tried to sneak off the front for probably 21st position, but we were racing for pride.

Over all, happy with my performance, attacked half a lap early than planned, did not expect it to work. But it was my best shot, as I am still not confident sprinting with racers I don’t know. I did get baulked as I was getting swamped and should of held my position better. Then I might of finished 15th ;-)

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