No lesson today

WCMCC C grade scratch race
Herne Hill
13 July 2014

I went into the race with a simple aim, not to spent all my energy chasing breakaways. I was going to sit back for the first couple of laps, move up the next two laps, be active the last couple of laps and put in a late attack.

First lap, everything went to plan. Second lap, up Campersic Road, we were strung out in single file. Then we suddenly slowed as the bunch appeared to spread out. I moved up to see half a dozen riders with a break. A rider I trusted was on the front chasing them down. So I joined in. Rode hard down William Street, closed the gap by half, then swung off wanting to conserve some energy. I went to move into third wheel and my back wheel just skipped.

I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled a large stone chip from my cut up tyre, race over.

My race on strava

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