Too lazy for my own good

C grade scratch
7 June 2014

the sprint

the sprint finsh, photo by Peter Moyses

Another race, another total lack of warm up. At least there were no hills and I knew the course.

Halfway down Gull road and I was on the front riding hard, While I am not the best cornerer, sometimes on purpose I will take a corner poorly. The corner into Rapids road, was one example of them. Gary came round the outside, so I slowed into the corner then punched hard out of it and waited for the reaction. There was, a couple of the stronger riders were out of the saddle chasing Gary’s wheel, then everybody slowed.

I dropped back to my usual position as ticket collector to sit and watch, with 14 riders, I could easily react to any attacks. Plus it was safer to take my Asthma medication every lap due to burning off on one property.

I sat back and watched the attacks which where quickly covered. Most of the attacks were with a tailwind down Rapids road. I was wondering why nobody attacked in the crosswinds on Karnup road. Then Lachlan attacked and got a gap on Karnup road. Lachlan is an under 15 rider who I have raced a few times, we are about on par when it comes to time trialling, so I did not want to get too far off the front. The bunch’s half hearted pursuit of Lachlan slowed into cross head winds of Gull Road. So took off in pursuit, the bunch might let me or Lachlan alone up the road, but the two of us was a different story.

It took me a couple of kilometres of Gull road to catch Lachlan, and while I could not see the bunch directly behind me, I knew they were there. I went straight past Lachlan, he made no attempt to grab my wheel, so I knew the bunch was very close. A few hundred metres later as I swung on to Rapids Road I was caught.

As we swung onto Karnup road, I thought this would be a good time to attack, not everybody would of recovered from the last chase. Instead I decided to wait until the next lap. Unfortunately next lap, we were passed by A grade on Karnup Road. No chance to attack, if I got off the front of C grade I would be at the back of A grade with nowhere to go. Instead, I decided to contest the sprint.

I selected the wheel to sit on carefully, my pick for the sprint was Tim, but he was right up the front. Next choice was Bruce, a big strong rider with a tendency to go long. Could not get Bruce’s wheel, but claimed my place on another strong sprinter on Bruce’s wheel.

As we headed up Karnup road, got talking to Brian, who wanted to attack long. I dropped back onto Brian’s wheel. Expecting Brian to attack, get off the front for a few hundred metres, Bruce to come past, I would grab his wheel and see what would happen.

It almost went to plan, Brian attacked and caused chaos as other riders reacted, I was on his wheel. It was only about 100 metres later Bruce came pass, I jumped on the freight train with a couple of other riders, then 400 metres or so from home Bruce was gone, cramps I heard later.

No where to hide, the three riders spread wide on the road, I tried to jump again but my legs just did not have it in them and the younger legs of Lachlan and Anthony rode away from me, a couple hundred metres later I was swamped and finished sixth.

Looking at the numbers, I did my recorded my highest 5 seconds of power ever, when I jumped from the group in pursuit of Lachlan and my best ever 90 seconds of power in the final sprint, even if I did fade. The other numbers were less impressive, average power down 10% and 2.5kph slower than the last C grade race here and that was a lap longer.

I need to make the races harder by being more aggressive, I perform better in races which are harder. Or more to the point other people suffer more than me in those races and my results are better. I should not sit and the back and wait for the race to unfold. I am strong enough to attack and attack repeatedly. I should of put in at least three or four solid attacks in that race and try to tired everybody else out. Well there is always next time.

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