I need to pay attention

PDCC C grade criterium
25 January 2015

I had two criteriums in two days, I went into this race with no real plan. Nearest thing to a plan was the idea of do not do any work early, just wait and see what happens later in the race, there will be no real attacks early in the race.

Rolled out mid pack on what was a leisurely opening lap, down the back straight I realised my Garmin was not recording data. Quickly fixed that, but ended on the back of the pack, no problem, happy to be the ticket collector. Then the pace picked up, nothing too difficult, but to move up would expend energy.

I did not realised how fast we were going, I had to close the gap a couple of times as we dropped riders, but the pace was manageable, then all of a sudden on the fifth lap, I had to close a big gap, I could not and my race was over. Logic said I should of pulled out and saved myself for tomorrow. Instead I set myself in TT mode and kept going. Picked up a few riders along the way, even with three riders I was doing more than 75% of the work.

Last lap made an effort to catch the rider infront, did and then rolled to the back and we slowed. Went round the final corner in fourth wheel, the first two jumped hard, I did not even manage to pass the rider in front on me and finished 13th.

My mistake, I should of been paying attention on lap 1, kept close to the front. That way I would not ended up with a gap I could not close, that cost me any chance of a decent place.

I should of done better in my small group, if I kept going after catching the rider on the last lap instead of trying to recover, there would of been a good chance I should of been able to drop one or more of the riders.

Lesson learnt, pay more attention early in the race, do not expect the race to go as you expect.

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